Construction and Engineering works

Infrastructure development is one of the bedrocks of economic development in a nation. With our team of engineers, working with the right technology, we deliver top-notch services to our clients.

Currently, Nebular International Resources Limited is engaged in the repairs and maintenance of inter-city roads in Eastern Nigeria.

Financial Services

Finance is the soul of every business. With limited access to credits from commercial banks, Nebular International Resources Limited provides credits to micro and small businesses.

General Procurement and Supply

Our partnerships with major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) give us a competitive edge in procurement and prompt delivery of goods.

Real Estate Development

Provision of affordable housing across the nation is strategic towards reduction of huge housing deficit in the country.

At Nebular International Resources Limited, we provide affordable houses without compromising quality of construction materials.

Property Management

Our team of experts are poised to manage both residential and commercial/industrial estates of client.

Haulage Services.

We provide bespoke and prompt solutions for haulage, storage and distribution of goods. We have satellite offices in Calabar , Lagos and Kano.